I’m a city councilman in Staunton, Virginia.

What Local Government Does

The description of what local city governments do at WhiteHouse.gov summarizes well what folks at City Hall are responsible for in Staunton: Municipalities generally take responsibility for parks and … Read more...

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Why Local Government Matters

These days, with 24/7 cable news, talk radio and Internet, if you're civic minded, it's easy to think that the only politics that matters is in Washington. Foreign wars, partisan battles over the … Read more...

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Taking Back our Democracy

Everybody complains about government but nobody does anything about it! I've adapted the old quip about the weather to talk about the main challenge I've seen while serving on Staunton City … Read more...

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Latest News

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Brews & Views: Jobs & the Economy

It's all about the economy. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Show me the money! You've heard it all before from Washington. Now it's time to bring the discussion about jobs into Staunton. Everyone knows we … Read more...

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City Council Meeting 2/13: Support for the arts

This Thursday evening, City Council will consider whether to offer support to three Staunton arts groups. We'll also talk about sewer connection fees! As always, we'll hold two back-to-back meetings, … Read more...